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Group Wellness Classes

Myofascial Mornings

This class will be a combination of gentle movements (think yoga), myofascial release (think rubber ball mobilization), and breathing/relaxation techniques. It will create space where you feel restricted and release areas of tension. By the time you leave you'll be feeling mobile, expansive, and ready for the day! 

Image by Denis Oliveira

Why myofascial release?

We all want to feel open and free in our bodies. Over time, however, we become restricted and immobile. Myofascial release is an incredibly effective technique to help mobilize and "free-up" restricted tissue in the body. MFR uses slow deliberate pressure (through the use of massage balls) to gently coax tissue to lengthen, release, and unwind from their neighbors. You will be moving with greater ease and sense of lightness when you leave class. 

What do we do?

The goal of this class is two-fold. First, we want to bring awareness to where we feel tight, and how our bodies are restricted. Then we use a combination of self-massage (with massage balls), breathing, and movement to create space and freedom throughout the body. There are two classes each month. The first class of the month focuses on upper body and the second class focuses on lower body.

Recommended for class:

-Loose fitting clothing-

-yoga mat-


Image by Louise Vildmark
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